Løvås Terrasse

Kuvågen Barnehage

LID Terrasse

Apeltun B14

Sano Eiendom

Apeltun B11


Fosswinkelsgt. 19


Teigne Terrasse

Unrealized projects

Winning entry to an invited competition 2004. Construction completed 2006
Ten units of 144m2 (1353ft2): total of 1440m2 (13,530ft2)

Juvikåsen, in Lindås, Norway, sits at the crest of a hill facing south west with a view of the sea and the northern inlets to Bergen's harbor. This project consists of ten units grouped in five semi-detached volumes which is distributed in an arc along the length of the site. Each volume rotates slightly to give the broadest possible views. The primary goal of this project was to create highly resolved form that was well integrated into the landscape, yet also maintaining a clear contrast to it. Narrow external stairs link the road to the lower garden level of the properties. Due to the narrow site entrances are placed on the side of each unit to provide a small private garden for the residences.

Illustrations: O N Ely – BO Arkitekter