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Unrealized projects

Apeltun B11

This is a project with attractive views but with difficult site conditions. The site faces North-East and is in a narrow valley. The single family homes are placed around a core of row houses with an irregular distribution. These narrow single family homes step down the slope of the site. The massing of the buildings allow for interesting sight lines through the depth of the site. This arrangement also allows for common areas between the houses that has an almost courtyard like quality.

The volumes of the single family homes are designed with an eye to elegant proportions: precise and modern detailing: facades in wood, stucco and Trespa façade panels. The row houses reflect a similar grammar in their forms. These units have high ceiling (2.9m) and open functional plans with an area range from 105m2 - 141m2.

Drawing: Kim Holst, Arkitekt MAA
Illustrations: Ryste3d