Løvås Terrasse

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LID Terrasse

Apeltun B14

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Apeltun B11


Fosswinkelsgt. 19


Teigne Terrasse

Unrealized projects

Apeltun B14

We have chosen to give a circular shape to this building such that if fitted into the terrain better and provided broader views to all of the residents. The massing of the building in broken into one three and one four story block in order to accommodate zoning regulations for the site.

The building is a restrained and well resolved form, that still provides a generous environment in which to live. Glass and metals dominate the downhill facades. This provides maximal impact and easy maintanance. The end facades are rendered in red or black stucco. The up hill façade along the entry corridor is clad in Trespa with a wood finish. The plans of the apartments are dominated by an inserted core kitchen element that also contains a storage area. This creates a natural transition between dining and living while maintaining a single open volume.

3d illustrations: MIR Visuals