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Sano Eiendom

Sano Real-estate is developing a commercial building in Bergen adjacent to one of the larger retail areas in Bergen. This building is approx 7200m2 and is to function primarily as a private medical center.

The zoning of this site called for an L-shaped building with two corners that were amputated. Much of the design work was focused on making a cohesive whole from this rather interesting form. The cut corners are clad in red panels to pull them away from the rest of the facades and create a clear direction across the building. Further, a frame was thus placed around the building “holding” it on the ground. Additionally the “front” and the “back” of the building are articulated with their own character: The “back” side with black glossy platter – to create a hard enclosure. The front is clad in corrugated metal in an effort to create a lighter and more visually interesting surface.

Illustrations: Cesare Monti