Løvås Terrasse

Kuvågen Barnehage

LID Terrasse

Apeltun B14

Sano Eiendom

Apeltun B11


Fosswinkelsgt. 19


Teigne Terrasse

Unrealized projects

Fosswinkelsgate 19

An infill housing project near the University of Bergen: Eleven units, typically three units per floor, over four floors with an individual area of between 40m2–75m2. There was an extended discussion with the department for preservation (byantikvar) that led to the development of two alternative facades.

In the end “Study 2” was deemed to be the better project; as detailing on “Study 1” would not be historically accurate. The façade of “Study 2” is rendered in red stucco with large windows to give the maximum amount of light and prospect. Orange film is applied to some of the windows to give additional warmth to the apartments and provide and greater level of detailing to the facade. The entrance is accented with glass block and slate. Construction to begin 2007.

Illustrations: O N Ely – BO Arkitekter